Kodak Photo Plus of C&A IP Holdings has launched the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner, a ‘cute little box’ that is assembled by the user into a functional film scanner. As with some competing products, this film scanner works with an ordinary smartphone to digitize slides and 35mm film negatives. Unlike those other products, however, Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is made from heavyweight cardboard that collapses back into a small portable box.

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The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is like Google Cardboard, only for photographers rather than casual VR experiences. A built-in LED light is used to illuminate slides and film; a companion mobile app is used with a smartphone to capture and edit the resulting digital images, including cropping and rotating.

Once ‘scanned,’ the same Kodak Mobile Film Scanner app can be used to apply image filters and directly share the digital image on social media. The entire system offers an experience similar to what many consumers are already familiar with, enabling anyone to rapidly digitize old negatives and slides.

The film scanner is powered by two AA batteries and can accommodate 35mm black-and-white film negatives, color film negatives and color slide positives. The related mobile app supports Android 5.0 and higher and iOS 6 and higher. The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is available from Amazon now for $39.99 USD.