Credit: Adobe

Earlier today, Adobe announced new Creative Cloud educational pricing for K-12 schools (meaning primary and secondary schools, for those outside the US), slashing the price for individual schools and school districts to just $5 per license per year with a minimum purchase of 500 licenses for a school, or 2,500 licenses for a school district. Additional licenses can be purchased for $50 per 250.

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Adobe says the move "underscores Adobe’s commitment to providing students and teachers with the world’s leading digital creative tools and skills," and is the company's way of "nurturing creativity and creative problem solving," both of which, research shows, will be key skills in tomorrow's job market.

The plans give students access to all of the Creative Cloud applications and 2GB of cloud storage each. But best of all, students won't have to be in the classroom to use the apps—named user licensing allows students to log in to and install Creative Cloud applications at home or on their mobile devices as well.

"Making Creative Cloud available at $4.99 per year, per license—with access in schools and at home—is going to be a game changer, providing students and teachers access to apps that will unlock their inherent creativity in new and exciting ways," says Adobe's Mala Sharma, VP and GM of Creative Cloud Product, Marketing, and Community. "Making Creative Cloud affordable is just one of many actions we’re taking to reduce the barriers to teaching these skills in today’s classrooms."

There is one thing Sharma forgot to mention: providing students with access to the Adobe CC suite starting as early as Kindergarten and Elementary School will also create a whole new generation of Adobe addicts who complain about the subscription costs but are willing to keep paying them anyway... welcome to the club kids.

For more information on the new pricing and Adobe's other Creative Cloud offers for educators, students, K-12 schools and beyond, click here.