Roger Cicala (not pictured) is a difficult man to impress, but he's been waxing lyrical over at Lensrentals about Sony's new 12-24mm wide zoom.

As well he should – our own shooting suggests that despite its (relatively) modest price, Sony's new zoom is an excellent performer, which rivals or bests its nearest competition. For now, Roger's testing is limited to MTF measurements only, but his initial measurements are impressive to say the least.

These MTF graphs show averaged performance at the wide and long ends of 12 copies of Sony's 12-24mm zoom. In Roger's words, "this is really good".

Tested against the Sigma 12-24mm F4 Art, the Sony lens offers similar performance, which is impressive given the size and weight disparity between the two lenses. If you're curious about what the Sigma's MTF performance looks like in the real world, take a look at our review.

And despite costing $1000 less, the Sony 12-24mm at least matches the excellent measurements from Canon's 11-24mm F4.

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Check out our gallery of samples from the Sony 12-24mm F4