Snappgrip gives camera feel to your smartphone.

One of the more exciting smartphone accessories we got to play with at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada was the Snappgrip attachment that offers a "real" camera feel for your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3. 

The grip snaps onto an accompanying case to offer familiar camera controls -- including shutter, zoom and shooting mode controls -- when used with the Snappgrip app. 

We were immediately intrigued by what this could mean if app makers were able to integrate their own Snappgrip commands into existing apps, and excited when designer Lee Harris shared with us that app partnerships and a release of Snappgrip's API were already in the works, as we reported from CES. 

Today Snappgrip's design team Cooltopia has announced it will partner with's 645 PRO and PureShot apps, as well as the Eico Design Weico+ app, a Chinese Instagram-type app. Additionally, Snappgrip will be compatible with a forthcoming capture app called Filmic Passport designed by Jack Hollingsworth and Neill Barham.  

"We're very excited by Snappgrip," said Mike Hardaker, founder of, in the press announcement. "It's just a great fit for the apps we design and for photographers who take mobile photography seriously." 

The Snappgrip will be available for preorder at Amazon, Americal and during early February for $99, or may still be ordered via the product's Kickstarter page for $79 until Jan. 28.