European analog photography company KONO! has announced a new film stock called Original Mirage. This 35mm C-41 200 ISO pre-exposed color negative film offers 'two awesome colors at once,' according to KONO!, which has added the product to its 'Original' line.

Images captured on the Original Mirage film experience a distinct color shift from warm to cool; when the environment is bright, KONO! likens the color shift to 'a warm, late summer day' that, in the same photo, transitions toward a late day likeness in which the 'colors get more prominent and richer.' Below is a collection of sample images captured on the new Original Mirage film:

In addition to the new Original Mirage product, KONO! now offers an Original film bundle containing six film products in the series: Original Sunstroke, Original Moonstruck, Original Monsoon, Original Candy, and Original Galaxy. The new Original Mirage film is included in the six-pack bundle for free.

A roll of the 24-exposure Original Mirage costs $14 USD; the KONO! Original Sixpack is available now for $67 USD.