Believe it or not, it's already September. In 16 short days and some change, autumn will officially begin in the Northern Hemisphere, and photographers across the US (and the world) will go hunting for the perfect orange-and-red peppered photograph of the season. Well, if you're in the United States, you're in luck: there's an interactive map available that will help you plan your trip to capture the best possible colors.

It's called the Fall Foliage Prediction Map, and the 2017 version is officially live on

Using the map is straightforward: simply go to this link, drag the slider to your desired date and watch as the interactive map of the United States changes color to reveal when any particular area will be at No Change, Minimal, Patchy, Partial, Near Peak, Peak, and Past Peak fall foliage conditions.

The map isn't perfect, of course, but has been putting this resource together for several years now and many photographers swear by it. To check it out for yourself, click here.