The first issue of Popular Photography from May 1937. Yes, that is a woman getting out of the shower on the cover.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was president of the United States of American when the first issue of Popular Photography Magazine hit newsstands in May of 1937. Now, nearly 80 years later, one of the world's most widely circulated photography print publications is closing.

The upcoming March/April issue will be the last, and as of Friday, March 10th, no new content will be published on This news comes after the publication switched to a bi-monthly print schedule about six months ago. 

Pop Photo's sister publication, American Photo Magazine, had been Web-only for the past couple of years; it will also stop updating its website as of this coming Friday. 

Eric Zinczenko, the CEO of Bonnier, parent company of both titles, made the announcement earlier today via a company-wide email. 

This news hits especially close to home, as I had the distinct privilege of starting my career as an intern, and later an assistant and associate editor at Popular Photography and American Photo magazines. And I know first hand how dedicated and passionate the staff of these titles is. After all, they're what made me first fall in love with this industry. So go get yourself a nice hoppy beer (PP tech editor Phil Ryan's favorite) and take a long deep gulp, because the photography world just got dimmer by a stop.