Autel Robotics has announced new firmware updates for its EVO Lite+ and EVO Nano+ drones. The manufacturer says these updates include 'highly-requested features' from their user base, including accessible flight logs, the ability to turn off voice notifications when using the Sky app and an increase the maximum flight distance.

Autel has made it easier to access flight logs through their Sky app. This feature comes in handy should any problems arise while operating the drone. Users can download Flight Logs, RC Logs, and App Logs from the 'Flight Log' menu and send them directly to Autel's customer service. All flight information is stored on regional AWS servers located in Texas.

Until now, operating a Nano+ or Lite+ drone meant dealing with frequent voiceover notifications. Autel has now given users the ability to disable them – but only recommends you do so if you're an experienced pilot. General alerts, such as 'take off' and 'landing,' along with obstacle avoidance prompts, can be toggled on and off in the 'Voiceovers' option found in Advanced Settings. Voice prompts have been added for automated QuickShots and while shooting a Hyperlapse clip in Orbit mode.

Owners of the EVO Lite+ and EVO Nano+ drones can now toggle between activating or disabling voiceovers.

While the Nano and Lite series of drones offer up a maximum altitude exceeding 792m (2,600ft), there was a strict limitation on the distance one could fly. The new Distance Limit has been increased by a factor of 10 for the Nano+ and Lite+ to a whopping 5,000m (16,404ft).

There isn't any indication if Autel plans on any firmware updates for its standard EVO Lite and EVO Nano drones in the near future. The Sky app is free to download in both the Android and iOS app marketplaces. V1.4.64 firmware release notes for the Lite+ and V1.4.9 for the Nano+ are available on Autel's site. This is the first series of firmware updates released for these particular drones since early May.