A live view screen on the iPad allows the user to compose the product shot properly.

Product photographers have one of the most meticulous jobs in professional photography. Between the endless lighting arrangements and post processing, what may appear to be an effortless shot takes hours of hard work.

StyleShoots is hoping to help product photographers take some of the labor out of more basic shots. StyleShoots is a pared-down product studio including an LED light table with additional daylight simulation lamps and a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera with an EF 24-105mm lens. The system is powered by an embedded Mac Mini computer and controlled via an iPad using the StyleShoots app. 

Watch StyleShoots in action:

The set up is being used by retailers like Marks & Spencer who employ StyleShoots to take pictures of clothing in their design studio. It's available to purchase or lease.

StyleShoots offers a glimpse into the underlying tech at work in the following video -- albeit vague on specifics, it does let you visually piece together how the system works: