Fujifilm has announced a new and improved version of its Instax printer. The SP-2 follows on the SP-1 and comes with improved Wi-Fi connectivity and faster printing speeds, producing a print in 10 seconds rather than the previously required 16 seconds. Fujifilm says the SP-2 is also quieter than its predecessor. It prints a card-sized format at a 800 x 600 resolution and 320 dpi and uses 256 levels per color. The battery is charged via a microUSB port and the printer supports JPEG and PNG files. 

Fujifilm has also improved the accompanying SHARE app which is available for iOS and Android devices and now comes with custom filters as well as collage and split templates. It also allows for image transfer from social networks and the overlay of geographic and climate information onto your printed image. 

The Fujifilm SP-2 printer comes in Silver or Gold body colors and will start shipping in mid-July. The printer is priced at $200 and the Instax Mini film that is used as printing media will set you back $20 per pack of 20 sheets. More information is available on the Fujifilm website.