UK-based filmmaker Nick Driftwood has been busy, making a 360-degree video rig using six Panasonic Lumix GX80 (GX85 in the US) bodies, each fitted with a 3.25mm lens, covering a field of view of 243-degrees. With each camera shooting 4K video, 2880 X 2880px X 6 equals 12K footage. He showed it off to our friends at Photo Gear News.

The super-wide lenses come from Hong Kong 360 company iZugar, and the camera takes advantage of the 1:1 video capability that Panasonic offers in its 4K Photo mode.

Even if you're not interested in 360-degree video, it's worth watching just for the guy in the background at 0:53.

A sample of the output from Nick's 12K rig can be found below.