It's a great day for innovative patent news. Earlier today, we told you about a Nikon patent for a lens that was designed to work with a full-frame curved sensor camera. But that might not be the most innovative curved sensor patent you'll hear about today. That title goes to Sony, and their 400mm F2.8 lens designed for a curved medium format sensor.

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Sony Alpha Rumors first spotted the Japanese patent, which describes a lens designed for a curved 645 size sensor—that's bigger than the sensors found in the Fuji GFX-50s and Hasselblad X1D-50c. The lens is "single focus" and "can be used as an interchangeable lens" reads the translated patent. It goes on to say that, thanks to the curved sensor design "High MTF can be obtained."

Here's are a couple of diagrams, in case you're curious and know a thing or two about optical design. The lens seems exceptionally simple in design, possibly thanks to the benefits of a curved sensor:

As with all patents, there's plenty of reason to doubt this exact diagram will materialize into a real product; however, it does mean Sony is thinking about medium format and curved sensors, and that should have anybody interested in digital camera innovations very excited.

Like we said earlier today, it's not so much "will" someone bring this tech to photographers, but "when" and "who will get there first?" May the most innovative company win.