Twitter's Vine app now allows for six-second videos from the front-facing camera.

Vine lets you capture selfies and tag friends

Twitter's six-second video app for iOS saw a major update this week with its new front-facing camera feature. You can even switch back and forth between the regular and front-facing camera as you create your video. On top of the capture changes, Vine now allows for user tagging. By using the @ symbol, Viners can tag other users Twitter style.

Each component of Lo-Mob Superslides' filters is customizable.

Lo-Mob Superslides for iOS has nearly endless filter combos

Lovers of the iOS and Windows Phone 7 app Lo-Mob will be excited to see an expansion of their favorite photo filters in the new Lo-Mob Superslides app for iOS. On top of the one-touch filtering that Lo-Mob offers, Superslides allows another level of customization as users can edit filters, noise, light leaks and dust levels to create unique old-school digital slides from your photos.

A new app in the Windows Phone 8 store allows for post-capture focusing.

Refocus brings Lytro effect to Windows Phone 8

Post-capture focusing seems to be a new trend in mobile apps as developers step up to offer users Lytro-like photography from their smartphones. Following the debut of FocusTwist on the iOS platform is the Refocus app for Windows Phone 8. For $0.99, Windows Phone 8 users can download the app to take photos now and worry about focusing later. Like Focus Twist, Refocus takes a series of images and layers them. Unlike Focus Twist, Refocus allows for non-square compositions. Downloaders beware: your phone must allow for manual focusing in order for Refocus to work.

Instagram adds image tagging

As we reported yesterday, Instagram now lets users tag each other within photos, á la Facebook. Additionally, the latest update allows for tagging of businesses, pets and products too. Your tagged images will be compiled into a new Photos of You section on your Instagram profile. 

Days debuts as visual photo and GIF diary lifelogging tool

We're going to have to play with Days a bit more, but we're intrigued by the concept of this "visual diary" app for iOS that essentially serves as a lifelogging assistant, helping you compile daily collections of your images as a visual summary of sorts to be presented across your social networks.

Part of the app's appeal lies in its restrictions: Photos shared via Days must be taken within the app. The intention is to avoid filtered or otherwise manipulated images, so you can't import photos from your camera roll, though your Days photos are saved there. The app also automatically converts photos taken within 10-second intervals into GIF files so that moments that made your keep snapping your shutter become moving memories. Days allows users to edit their daily diary of images, including those GIFS, and add captions before broadcasting via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.