Canon Europe has unveiled its new Zoemini S and Zoemini C, follow-up products to the original Zoemini portable printer launched last year.

The two new camera models feature an integrated printer that supports Zink adhesive-backed photo paper, enabling users to directly capture and print their images as small stickers. The Zoemini S is the flagship model, offering mobile app support and select other features the Zoemini C lacks. Although it's Canon Europe that made the announcement it was Canon Deutschland that uploaded an introduction video to YouTube. There's no audio, but the overlaid text is in German.

The Canon Zoemini S features an 8MP camera and a microSD card slot for directly capturing and storing images. The camera itself is quite basic, featuring a front-facing mirror, ring light, Bluetooth connectivity, and an integrated Zink printer.

The Zoemini S model supports Canon's Mini Print App for Android and iOS, which receives images from the camera over Bluetooth. Device owners can use the app to apply image filters, create collages, and print 2 x 3in / 5 x 7.6cm photos, as well as remotely triggering the camera's shutter and setting a timer.

The Zoemini S will be offered in Pearl White, Matte Black, and Rose Gold color options starting on April 25 for £109.

Joining the Zoemini S is the Zoemini C, which features a 5MP instead of 8MP sensor alongside a microSD card slot and integrated Zink printer. The Zoemini C model likewise features a front-facing selfie mirror, but does not feature a ring light or support the Canon Mini Print App.

The Zoemini C will be offered in Bumblebee Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, Mint Green, and Seaside Blue colors starting April 25 for £149.

Both camera models will be shipped with 10 sheets of Zink adhesive-backed photo paper.

Update (March 28, 2019): In the United States these two cameras are being sold under the names Ivy CLIQ and CLIQ+ for $100 and $160, respectively. The specifications and details remain the same between the CLIQ and Zoemini camera systems.