This is how the EOS-1D X Mark II's sensor compares. Its performance sees it rank joint 21st with the Nikon D3X, putting it just ahead of its closest rival, the Nikon D5.

DxOMark has rated the Canon 1D X II's sensor, and it looks very competitive for its class. Strong low-ISO dynamic range and impressive high ISO performance earn it a score of 88 - tying with the Nikon D5 despite having an edge in both these areas.

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These results echo our own findings, which showed the latest generation Canon chip offering greater low-ISO DR than previous designs: enough to out-perform the Nikon D5 (whose own performance isn't particularly good in this respect by modern standards).

However, while it performs well for its class, these numbers are only enough rank it 21st in DxO's overall sensor score chart, which sees the high-resolution chips in the Nikon D810 and Sony a7R II significantly out-perform it in terms of low light performance, dynamic range and the ability to distinguish between colors. Of course, what these other sensors can't do is shoot continuously at 16 frames per second, but it's interesting to see the image quality hit that you currently have to pay to get that high-speed performance.

As always, along with the composite score, DxOMark's site includes a full technical assessment of the sensor performance, from which you can derive a deeper understanding of its behavior.