Nikon has released the first firmware update for its 45.7 MP full-frame D850 DSLR. Firmware version 1.01 comes with fixes for the following issues:

  • Users exiting the Clean image sensor menu entry after adding it to and entering it via My Menu would be returned not to My Menu but to Setup Menu.
  • Photos taken with On selected for Long exposure noise reduction would sometimes have increased noise or shadows with a greenish cast.
  • Slight aperture reset lag would sometimes occur after shooting at shutter speeds under 1/10 s (type E and PC-E lenses excluded).

These all sound like minor issues, but it is reassuring to know Nikon is taking the continuous improvement of its products seriously. If you own a D850 and want to update to the new firmware, you can find all information and download links on the Nikon website. If you are considering the D850 as your next camera, check out our full review bellow:

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