Camera+ was launched almost eight years ago and since then has become one of the most popular third-party camera apps for iPhone and iPad. Now its makers have given the app a complete overhaul and launched Camera+ 2.

Camera+ 2 is a universal app and as such provides the same user experience across all compatible iPhone and iPad models. Unlike on the original app, all features and tools are included from the start, without the need to acquire some function via in-app purchase.

The redesigned interface includes manual controls, raw shooting and editing, depth capture, and other advanced features. In shooting modes parameters such as shutter speed, ISO or white balance are controlled via on-screen dials. Owners of dual-camera devices can switch between wide angle and macro lenses. If you prefer things simpler, many settings can also be hidden.

When shooting in depth capture mode, depth information is saved alongside the image, allowing for the application of depth effects in the editor. In addition a range of filters can be adjusted in terms of strength and layered for customized effects.

There are also a few new shooting modes. Smile mode triggers automatically once a smile is detected on your subjects. Stabilizer mode triggers when the camera is held steadily enough for a sharp picture and a slow shutter mode allows for long exposures, even in bright light.

On the editing side of things, Camera+ 2 now offers full Photo Library integration with editing support. If you are the owner of an iOS device running version 11 or later of the mobile OS, you can download and install Camera+ 2 from the App Store for $2.99.