If you're an Instagram influencer with more than 500 followers, your social photo sharing clout can now be swapped for food and services in the Chicago area. 

Popular Pays is a service and recently launched iOS app that connects "popular" Instagrammers (you can't play if you don't have at least 500 followers on Instagram) and participating businesses, providing a platform for exchanging goods for advertising, or at least the promise of advertising.

For instance, The Haute & The Dog recently offered Popular Pays users a free Mac & Cheese hot dog. The restaurant can verify the user via the app, which then displays the correct hashtags and Instagram account names to include if the user would like to acknowledge their Mac & Cheese Hotdog via Instagram. 

More extravagant offers have also been made to more influential Instagrammers, including a free skydiving jump if you've got 40,000-plus followers and free screenprinting class if you have more than 6,000 followers.

It's an interesting concept in terms of harnessing the power of social media, but one that's also sure to further pollute your Instagram feed with terribly uninteresting photos.

The Popular Pays iOS app offers a list of available offers such as food items from local restaurants and services like a bicycle rental.
Once you've swapped your account info for a freebie at a participating business, the app encourages you to Instagram the experience with the right tags.

While the platform is currently only available in Chicago, Popular Pays is asking its website visitors where it should expand to next. Istanbul, Turkey is currently in the lead. If you'd rather see the service in your city, you can cast your vote via Twitter. A tweet might also be useful for encouraging Popular Pays developers to think about an Android app.