Sony has released a new machine vision CMOS sensor, and though it's destined for assembly lines and robots, it's still interesting to us. Like the chip in the RX100 V, the IMX382 is a stacked, backside-illuminated chip capable of 1000 fps imaging. And, like that sensor, its stacked design includes signal processing circuitry in the chip. Unlike the RX100 V's sensor, though, the 1.27MP IMX382 conducts video processing and subject recognition in parallel, so that it outputs both a 'viewing' stream and a 'sensing' stream simultaneously.

The sensing processing uses color and brightness information obtained from the sensor, enabling incredibly fast subject identification and tracking at 1000 fps. You can see what that looks like in the video below:

At a little over 1 megapixel this sensor is not destined for a smartphone or camera. And of course those applications get more complicated since they also have to re-focus a lens to keep up with a moving subject, but it's interesting to see what levels of recognition and tracking possible when you bring signal processing to the chip itself.