British photographic engineer MTF Services is claiming to have created the world’s first third-party lens adapters for the new Nikon Z system, with a collection of four units designed to allow cinema lenses to be mounted on the mirrorless full frame bodies. The adapters are made with stainless steel and HE30 aluminum, and feature a toe support with steel helicoil 1/4" threads.

The lenses the adapters are aimed at are PL, Panavision, B4 and Arri bayonet, so they are intended to appeal to filmmakers and broadcasters. The adapters come pre-shimmed, and spare shims will be included.

The PL to Nikon Z version is available to order on the company’s site for £350 + VAT (approx $460), and the other models are expected to follow soon. For more information see the MTF Services Lens Adapter website.