The Nikon Museum has launched its second 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition called 'Prototype Cameras -- Developers' Memories.' This exhibit, which will be running from April 4th through July 1st, showcases about 40 of the maker's prototype cameras spanning dates from the 1940s through the 1980s, including its notable Nikon Model I Prototype 1 unit.

This exhibition includes rare prototypes of cameras that never entered mass production, says Nikon, giving the general public a chance to check out cameras otherwise sealed away from public view. The museum is also offering special commentaries for the Nikon F3 prototype and the Nikon F prototype from 1975 and 1957, respectively. Those commentaries are by Nikon's Imaging Product R&D Laboratory lab manager Tetsuro Goto.

The Nikon Museum is located in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Those unable to make the trip in person can check out photos of the museum and the prototype exhibition here.

Via: NikonRumors