European mobile camera lens company Black Eye has announced the launch of its fourth-generation universal Pro lenses for smartphones in North America. As of now, Black Eye's portfolio features nine mobile lenses across three product series, as well as a new Travel Kit G4, an upcoming Pro Kit G4 bundle and new cases for the iPhone 7 and later.

Black Eye was founded by professional photographer Arto Ekman and professional snowboarders Fredu Sirviö and Eero Ettala. The company's mobile lenses center around a simple universal attachment system that can be clipped onto most smartphones and similar mobile devices, such a laptop's webcam.

Black Eye's most recent product lineup includes the Pro-series Portrait Tele G4, Cinema Wide G4, and Fisheye G4 lenses, as well as the regular wide, macro and combo G4 lenses. The company also recently launched the Travel Kit G4, a bundle featuring a case and the Wide G4, Macro G4 and Pro Portrait Tele G4 lenses.

In addition to its existing products, Black Eye will release a new Pro Kit G4 in the first quarter of 2019. This kit features all three Pro-series G4 mobile lenses and a durable case for $249.99 USD. In Q1 2019, Black Eye will also release protective iPhone cases for the iPhone 7 and later models for $19.99 USD.