Color management and measurement technology company X-Rite has announced a new public beta release of ColorChecker Camera Calibration software version 1.2. This pre-release update includes support for Phase One's Capture One software with TIFF file support, a first for X-Rite's custom profiling tool.

X-Rite has been working on adding Capture One support to its custom camera profiling software for some time now and it's finally here — at least in beta form. As is currently possible in the Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw version of the ColorChecker Camera Calibration software, v1.2 adds the ability to create custom ICC profiles in Capture One with various camera, lens and lighting combinations.

X-Rite has created a helpful how-to video, embedded below, that runs through the process of creating a custom ICC profile using Camera Calibration software v1.2. There's also a PDF version available.

To download the public beta release, head over to X-Rite's download page. Keep in mind this is a pre-release program, so there will likely be a few bugs here and there. X-Rite requests users submit details when an error occurs to help further development.

X-Rite also notes a known issue with the Windows version of the ColorChecker Camera Calibration software wherein 'the software cannot process a TIFF file larger than 150 megabytes.' X-Rite suggests cropping or reducing the resolution if users run into this issue and notes the issue is currently being addressed.