Dire Studio today launched Technical Camera, an iPhone app aimed at mobile still photographers who prefer manual control over auto modes, along with a range of interesting features.

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The app offers a highly customizable interface, with manual exposure and focus, compensation and locks, focus peaking, and fully configurable auto ISO. The Smart Function Keys feature lets you customize the function of on-screen buttons and you can set the direction of the virtual dials in the user interface.

Advanced users will also appreciate the ability to shoot in Adobe RGB color space and – as far as we are aware – the ability to define image settings for different albums and shoot directly into these albums is unique. For example, you can set a small image size and turn geotagging off for images saved into a "Notes" folder, but toggle Raw capture and maximum image quality for your "Prints" folder.

If you are using a dual-camera iPhone the Framing Previsor feature should be useful as well. It allows you to preview the tele camera's angle of view on the wide-angle camera's live view image, giving you a direct comparison between the two lens options. In addition there are highlight and shadow clipping alerts and a range of grids to choose from.

Lastly, Technical Camera also looks like an interesting app for the users of super-wide-angle accessory lenses. The app can correct the distortion of a number of popular lenses and also offers basic corrections for non-supported lenses. More information and a list of all supported lenses can be found on the Technical Camera website.

The app is compatible with newer Apple devices running iOS 10.3 or later and can be downloaded now from the App Store for $6.99.