Mobile payment company Square has introduced Photo Studio, a new service that offers inexpensive product photography. The company promises professional quality product images at a cost of $9.95 USD per multi-angle photoshoot and $29.95 per 360-degree ‘interactive’ photoshoot.

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Square says its Photo Shoot service offers ‘automated product photography’ from any angle, as well as ‘expert eCommerce advice’ that involves having experts ‘identify the best product shots to maximize your online sales.’ The images are captured using a ‘cutting edge robotic camera’ and billed as a cheaper, faster alternative to hiring an on-site product photographer.

The service does come with a downside, however: shipping and delivery times. Photo Shoot works by having customers ship the products they need photographed to Square, after which point they have to wait for the results. According to the Photo Shoot website, it can take up to 14 days for the images to become available.

The company is positioning its service as ideal for customers who need images for Instagram, websites, online marketplaces, Pinterest and other similar platforms. According to Photo Shoot's terms of service, customers are responsible for the shipping cost and the company retains the copyrights for its images, though customers are given an ‘irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, copyright license.’

Square Photo Shoot is available now. The $9.95 Photo Pack includes three images per product from different angles with professional retouching and optimization for online selling. The $29.95 360 Photo option delivers interactive photos for use on websites where users can clik, drag and zoom in on product images.