It appears that as with previous Samsung flagship smartphones, the brand new Galaxy S8 and S8+ will, depending on region, come with different camera sensors. Since the launch users have spotted versions with Sony IMX333 and S5K2L2 ISOCELL image sensors. The latter is made by System LSI, which is a subsidiary of Samsung.

The situation is the same for the front camera. One version features a Sony IMX320 imager, the other comes with an ISOCELL S5K3H1 sensor. That said, there is no difference between the two versions in terms of camera specifications. In both main cameras the sensor is a 1/2.55" 12.2MP variant with Dual-Pixel AF. With an F1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization the lens specification is identical as well. Sensor size in the front camera is not known at this point but all models come with an F1.7 aperture and face-detection AF.

Considering camera specifications are identical on all models and presumably so will be image processing, we should not expect any noticeable differences between the two versions, but if we get the chance, we'll try and find out if there is any variation in image quality.