YouTube, the most popular video platform on the Internet, didn't manage to make as much revenue in 2019 as image-based social network Instagram, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Sources claim that Instagram made $20 billion in ad revenue last year compared to YouTube's $15.1 billion during the same time period.

The $20 billion figure, assuming it is accurate, is almost unfathomable compared to the $715 million Facebook paid for Instagram when it acquired it in 2012. Facebook does not officially disclose Instagram's ad revenue separately from its other products; the company hasn't commented on the report. As of 2018, Facebook said that it had more than 1 billion users on Instagram.

At $20 billion, Instagram would have represented more than a quarter of Facebook's 2019 revenue, according to Bloomberg. Facebook has made a number of changes to Instagram since acquiring the service, the most recent being its decision to hide public 'likes' on the platform. Sources claimed late last year that Facebook decided to hide 'likes' so that users will post more often, boosting ad revenue as a result.