The newly unveiled Epson FF-640 is, according to Epson, the fastest photo scanner in the world. The model can scan photographs as rapidly as 1 image-per-second, doing so at 300dpi, or more slowly at a higher quality 600dpi resolution. Unlike flatbed scanners, the new FastFoto model features a 30-photo auto feeder, scanning the images to a hard drive and then providing the option to upload the files to online destinations including Dropbox, Google Drive, or Facebook.

The rapid scanning rate is made possible in part by technology that scans both the front and the back of a photo simultaneously. In addition to the scanning capabilities, the related Epson software organizes image files in such a way that they’re easy to find using searchable metadata, ‘recognizable file and folder names,’ and a capture date that, when possible, uses the date the photo was taken rather than the date it was scanned.

FastFoto also includes Epson’s Smart Photo Fix Technology; with it, users can press a related button and allow the software to automatically restore their photos, applying things like red-eye reduction, fade correction, and ‘enhancements.’ This is complemented by Dynamic Skew Correction, a technology that works with multi-roller scanners to auto-correct the angle at which the photo is scanned.

Finally, the FF-640 has what Epson describes as a ‘special handling sheet’ that is used to scan old or otherwise fragile photos. The Auto Size Detection tech means differently sized photos can be scanned in the same stack, while Double Feed Detection works with an ultrasonic sensor to help ensure no photos are skipped during the scanning process.

The Epson FF-640 is now available from Epson’s online store and some major retailers for $649.99.

Via: Epson