To kick off the new year on the right foot, Adobe has announced an update to its Behance social creative platform. The update includes a redesigned profile page, customizable banners and an updated project page.

The updated profile now includes a larger cover image to highlight prominent work, a cleaner layout and an improved sidebar that better features various statistics, links to other social networks and an accompanying bio. When a visitor hovers over the individual projects important information is displayed on top of the thumbnail.

The new banner image takes a design element seen on other social networks including Facebook and Twitter. The process is as simple as selecting an image as the banner and positioning it so it's framed as it's intended to be seen. Behance has a full guide on banner images, but the TL;DR is the optimal size is 3200 x 410 pixels — not exactly a common ratio.

The updated project pages now show images fullscreen and provide a Lightbox-style effect that keeps the media front and center. Project and creator information is displayed at the top of the page while sharing, following and the 'Appreciate' button are displayed to the right of the image.

Adobe acquired Behance in December 2012 and has since integrated it into its various Creative Cloud applications.