My first "day" recorded using the new Days app. Sprinkled amongst my still images are animated GIFs, automatically created whenever you capture images within 10 seconds of each other.
You can add captions at any time before sharing your day via Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter. Others can then comment on each individual photo or GIF in your day.

If you're an Instagram addict who loves to share your life through photos, Days, a new app for iOS we first told you about last week, could be your next consuming habit.

Days helps you create a daily visual diary comprised of images you capture throughout the day using the app's built-in camera. (These are saved to your Camera Roll.) Photos snapped within 10 seconds of each other are automatically compiled into animated GIFs. You can edit your day's "moments," including those GIFs, and add captions before sharing via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

My recent experimentation with Days has been an interesting introduction to "lifelogging." This kind of constant cataloging of your daily activities is a bit of a new-fangled idea the makers of Memoto and similar devices are hoping will catch on. Days puts the control in the hands of the user, as you'll select which moments you want to record, and how to present that collection of moments at the end of each day.

I love the look of the collage the app outputs, especially those animated GIFs which add interest even to the dullest parts of your routine -- you can see my first try with Days here. It was fun to look back through my day and add captions before sharing this visual summary with my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. 

Days deliberately restricts users to photos taken within the app: an idea that's great in theory (the intention is to avoid filtered or otherwise manipulated images and share images that are more true to the moment, according to the app's developers) but frustrating in practice. The app's built-in camera is so basic that it feels limiting if you really want to capture a moment with a bit more photographic control. I would have loved to be able to import a photo or two I'd taken with a better camera app. 

You can't flip your Days photos, and when using the rear-facing camera, you've got to hold your phone vertically, or the shot will appear sideways (this doesn't happen with the front-facing shots, fortunately). 

I also wished the app had an optional reminder system I could have set to alert me to take photos with more regularity. Maybe photo-sharing fanatics won't forget to keep snapping, but my first day is missing any record of the dinner I had with a good friend because I forgot to use the app.

Overall, Days is a smart social photo sharing app we recommend trying.