Statigram offers a best of video option as well as it photo compilation.

As 2013 draws to a close, every media outlet is taking the chance to round up their "best of" the year. Social media is not immune to this annual nostalgia fad. While Instagram doesn't have an official year-end round up like owner Facebook, a couple of apps have stepped up to give users insight into their past year on the photo sharing social network.

Statigram has emerged to be the most popular way to remind your friends that you get a lot more likes than them. Simply log in on Statigram's website and open its "Snapshots" section.  Choose to either round up your top videos or photos of 2013 and Statigram will email you a 15-second long video that you can post on Instagram. (The video compilation takes a lot longer than the photos.)

Because Statigram functions on the web instead of a particular app, users of any operating system can make a video. Simply check your email on your device and download the video straight from the email. From there, upload the video to Instagram.

Here's an example of what the Statigram videos look like:

If you want to post by the beat of your own drum, Flipagram lets you compile your photos into a unique video. In the app, pick the photos, choose a song, and some text. Flipagram is free for iOS and Android, but you can add your own watermark for an extra $1.99.

While Statigram's videos all end up looking relatively similar (and sounding identical), Flipagram is a way to stand out in a feed. I've seen a street photographer make a "best of the subway" album, inspiring my own "best of latte art" video.

My favorite use of Flipagram comes from our very own Misha Baranovic. His "Worst of 2013" video, set to Katy Perry's "Roar," is a self-deprecating, humorous take on the boastful "best of" videos. It made me laugh, then cry because some of his "worst" photos have double the likes of my best.

Check out Misha's "worst:"