If you're worried that having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket might make you miss the decisive moment, the CMRA band for the Apple Watch could be just what you're waiting for. The watch band comes with not one but two built-in cameras. An upward-facing 2MP module is meant to be used for video calls, via a dedicated app, and the occasional selfie. The outward-facing camera captures 8MP images or HD-video clips right from your wrist.

To do so you have to tap a button that is built into the band or long-press it for video recording. A double-tap of the button switches between cameras. The makers of the CMRA claim you can capture 'hundreds' of images with one battery charge or record approximately 30 minutes of video footage. 

Recorded images and videos are accessible via Apple's stock Photos app, so they can be easily sorted, edited and shared. In terms of storage the CMRA offers 8GB of built-in memory. The band comes with a dual-charging dock that charges Apple Watch and CMRA band at the same time.

The CMRA band is expected to launch in Spring 2017, but those interested can already put a pre-order in at an early bird price of $149 for either the 38mm or 42mm version. The estimated retail price after launch is $249. More information is available in the video below or on the CMRA website where you can also order the band.