Polaroid Originals has announced that it is discontinuing production of its wide-format Spectra film. The reason, CEO Oskar Smolokowski said in a statement on the company's blog today, is due to the degraded nature of existing wide-format cameras.

'Jamming and frequent breakdowns are now affecting the majority of these cameras,' Smolokowski explained, 'and unfortunately, this is not something we can influence with our film.'

In addition to selling its Spectra Color and B&W film products, Polaroid Originals also sold refurbished Polaroid Spectra cameras that were restored to full working order by specialists. This restoration process is no longer possible, however, and the company's website now lists its refurbished cameras as sold out.

In his post, Smolokowski said, 'After extensive testing, we have concluded that we cannot support these cameras any longer.'

The company will sell off its remaining batch of Spectra film through its website, where the Spectra Color and B&W products are sold for $19.99 each; a triple-film pack is also offered for $55.99 USD. Smolokowski said the film will be on sale for a few months.