Photographer and YouTuber Manny Ortiz recently put together what he calls "the sexiest camera and lens combo" he has ever held: combining the DPReview Product of the Year Sony a7R III with Canon's beastly 200mm F2L IS USM. He wanted to see if this $5,700 lens could live up to its potential on Sony's latest mirrorless flagship, so he took it with him to a family photo shoot and brought along the vlogging camera to give us all a behind the scenes look.

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He adapted the Canon lens to the Sony body using the Sigma MC-11 mount converter, and despite the fact that he was using three different brands at once, the Sony and Canon played well together. In particular, Manny was impressed that Sony's Eye-AF worked as well as it did with the Canon 200mm, keeping focus locked even on the edges of the frame.

Summing up his final thoughts on this camera and lens combo, he says:

The performance of the Canon 200mm on the Sony a7RIII is really impressive [...] It actually blows me away how far [Sony] have come in terms of improving autofocus performance with adapted lenses.

I did notice that in low light, autofocus, especially Eye-AF, isn't as consistent [...] but in good light I didn't miss any focus.

Beyond the low-light limitations Manny mentions, it's also worth noting that you don't exactly get "all of those" AF modes Sony offers. You still don't have access to Zone or any of the Lock-on AF modes of the Sony a7R III with Canon glass. Also, max burst rate is just 3 fps. Still, for portrait photographers like Manny, face recognition and Eye-AF are the big ones, and the a7R III seemed to perform very well in those modes in Manny's test shoot.

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