iOS 8 finally brought manual control to the iPhone camera, and soon after the introduction of the new OS version apps like Manual Cam or Manual were launched to take advantage of the revamped camera API. Android users had to wait a little longer but with version 5.0 Lollipop full manual control over shutter speed, white balance, ISO and focus have also made their debut on the Google operating system.

Camera FV-5 was one of the first apps to implement the new functions, including DNG Raw support. With Manual Camera GD Software has now released another option. The app allows for fully manual control over shutter speed, white balance, ISO and focus distance and also offers exposure compensation. Manual Camera is targeted at the more serious photographer and doesn't offer any gimmicky special modes, filters or even a video function.

What you do get is a very clean and concise user interface that uses a virtual dial in the bottom right to adjust shooting parameters that are situated in a column at the left edge of the user interface. A long press on each parameter button returns it to auto mode. Alternatively, you can also tap on the viewfinder to set the focus, exposure and white balance point. A long press takes you back to center-weighted mode. 

Like Camera FV-5, Manual Camera offers the option to save DNG Raw files which can be activated in the settings menu. The makers of the app also says that Manual Camera is very quick in operation and after a quick round of testing we can confirm that claim. There is very little shutter lag and changed settings are applied virtually without delay. 

Overall Manual Camera looks like a great option for Android photographers who want maximum control over their images. If that sounds like you, you can download the app now from the Google Play Store for $1.99.

Via: GSM Arena