Another day, another new Instagram feature. Now the makers of the popular mobile image sharing platform have announced a new way to share posts from people you are following to one of your Instagram Stories—if you see a post in your feed that you consider share-worthy, you can now share it as a sticker in a Story where your friends and followers will be able to see it.

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The process is easy. You simply have to tap on the paper airplane button below the post. You’ll then get a button that allows you to create a Story. If you tap this button you will see the post you want to share as a sticker with customized background. As usual, this sticker can be moved around, scaled and rotated. If you tap on it again you can pick different style options.

The viewers of your Story will see the original poster’s username and can click through to the original post and see the creators other posts. Also, you can only share posts from public accounts and, if you want to prevent your own posts from being shared in stories, you can do so by opting out in the settings.

The new and expanded sharing function takes Instagram one step closer to its parent platform Facebook, increasing the potential for Instagram content to go "viral" inside its own platform. The feature is already available in the Instagram Android app and will be migrated to iOS in the coming days.