Late last year, Adobe promised the future arrival of 'real Photoshop' for the iPad, something consumers expected would be a desktop-class offering able to compete with Affinity Photo and other apps already available on Apple's tablets. The Photoshop for iPad app entered private beta testing in late August ahead of its public launch and now details are starting to roll in from testers.

According to Bloomberg News, some Photoshop on iPad beta testers are reporting a lack of key features they had thought would be available in the app. Some of these missing or stunted features are said to involve core aspects of the software, including raw editing, layer styles, filters, smart objects, the pen tool and parts of mask creation.

One tester claimed the beta version of the app is 'inferior' to Affinity Photo and Procreate, two apps available on the iPad.

A promotional photo currently on Apple's website showing off a demo version of Adobe Photoshop CC, which still reads 'Coming to iPad in 2019.'

Adobe's Creative Cloud chief product officer Scott Belsky told Bloomberg that the final version of the software will include more features, which are being added close to launch because the company must work with Apple in order to bring the software to iPadOS. Instead of packing as many features as possible into the software before launch, Adobe told Bloomberg that its engineers focused on features they believed would be most desired by iPad users.

Users can expect the ability to sync their work with the desktop version of Photoshop using Creative Cloud, plus there will be support at launch for all Photoshop files and non-destructive editing. As well, users can expect 'entirely new tools' that revolve around native iPad features, namely the Apple Pencil and touchscreen.

Adobe says that it will continue to expand iPad on Photoshop's abilities over time following its launch in the coming months.