Back in June, Facebook launched its private image sharing app Moments for Android and iOS. Moments combines images that were taken by you and your friends at a single event into a common album that is accessible by all contributors. The idea is to streamline sharing of images at events such as parties or festivals, and make sending individual images a thing of the past. Moment albums can of course be shared with other people and uploaded to Facebook. 

Now the app has received its first major update since launch. The latest version of Moments automatically creates movies of image collections that contain six or more still images. You can choose from 11 soundtrack options and tag all contacts that appear in the footage. Additionally, the app has now been translated into 34 different languages and is available in many more countries than before. The update also allows you to see the progress of your image uploads and comes with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements. You can download and install the latest version of Facebook Moments free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play now. 

Via: TNW