The photo sharing platform Flickr was officially acquired by Verizon in June, and it appears we are now seeing the first changes after the takeover. Flickr has announced that it will cease to offer its existing photo book and wall art printing services.

Printing services for Flickr users won't be completely shut down. Instead, photo books using Flickr images can now be printed in numerous ways via the third-party service Blurb. To make this work, your Flickr account needs to be connected to Blurb, which then allows you to browse your Flickr stream in Blurb’s online book-making tool. Book size, paper quality and image layout can all be customized, and it is of course possible to add image captions and text. The final product can be distributed via Amazon, Ingram and the Blurb Bookstore.

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent replacement for the wall art printing service.

Current Flickr Pro account holders get a $35 credit for their first Blurb order, and $35 when you renew your subscription (with a minimum purchase $70). Book or wall art orders that are currently in progress with the old system should be completed and sent in before December 1st, 2017. Afterwards, your project will be lost.