Blackmagic Design has taken the wraps off a new Cintel Film Scanner accessory called the Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader. With this accessory, Cintel Film Scanner users are able to capture both KeyKode data and high-quality audio from film in real-time as it is being scanned.

This is made possible thanks in part to 'deep red LED illumination' as well as a magnetic audio head; captured audio is 'perfectly synchronized with the video,' the company promises, explaining that its accessory supports silver optical, high-magenta dye, 16/35mm cyan, and 16mm magnetic audio tracks.

The Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner.
The new Audio and Keycode reader for the Cintel Film Scanner.

To aid in post-production, users can utilize this new accessory to scan their film's KeyKode numbers, making it easier to match corresponding frames after scanning has finished. Other features include a capstan encoder that can fix wow and flutter automatically, highly precise mechanical adjustments for azimuth, and electro-formed slits.

The Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader is available now from Blackmagic's resellers for $3,495. The Cintel Film Scanner, meanwhile, is priced at $29,995.

Press Release

Blackmagic Design Announces New Audio and KeyKode Reader for Cintel Film Scanners

Fremont, California, USA - July 20, 2017 - Blackmagic Design today announced the new Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader accessory for its Cintel Film Scanner, which lets customers scan audio and KeyKode information along with images from the scanner, all in realtime. The new audio and KeyKode reader accessory is available for $3,495 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

The new Cintel Audio and KeyKode reader lets customers capture high quality audio along with KeyKode information directly from their film as they are scanning it. The reader features a magnetic audio head or deep red LED illumination supporting 16/35mm cyan, high magenta dye, silver optical or 16mm magnetic audio tracks, with advanced optics, electro formed slits, and precision mechanical adjustments for azimuth to deliver the best possible audio capture with incredible high frequency response, perfectly synchronized with the video. The precision capstan encoder automatically corrects wow and flutter, allowing customers to accurately capture audio, even when the scanner speed changes.

The new reader also gives customers the ability to scan KeyKode from their film. KeyKode numbers provide a way to identify each unique film frame, making it easier to correlate the film frames with their corresponding video frames after scanning is complete. This greatly simplifies post production workflows, especially when cutting or re-cutting previously edited material that comes from different rolls of film.

“Cintel Film Scanners are the most popular film scanners in the world,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “The new Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader is exciting because it allows both audio and picture to be scanned at the same time, and in perfect synchronization. Plus, customers also get KeyKode information that helps to dramatically speed up post production workflows!”

Availability and Price

The Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader is available now for $3,495 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.