Students Gifton Okoronkwo and Kast Goudarzi have taken the wraps off a new website called Wesaturate, an online learning destination that will offer free Raw images for photographers to download. The intention for the website is to provide these images as learning tools, enabling anyone to practice Raw editing even if they don't have the time or gear to go out and shoot their own photos.

Wesaturate is tentatively scheduled for a full launch on April 17, though at the moment it is only accepting email addresses from those who want to be notified about the launch. A single image is currently offered on the site in both Raw and JPEG formats; it, and others uploaded later on, are offered with a Creative Commons Zero license. Once the site fully launches, users will be able to share their own photos with the Wesaturate community.

The duo also plans to operate a blog that will publish tricks and tips for beginners. Speaking to PetaPixel, Goudarzi explained, 'We’re really focusing on the photographer’s experience here and we want to make sure it’s all about them.'

Via: PetaPixel