Tumblr's new Photoset app lets you quickly create photo sets from your iPhone or iPad and share them via a web link.
Dropbox for Android improved its photo gallery display in its latest update released yesterday.

Both Tumblr and Dropbox have announced new photo sharing features that let users easily upload images and share them.

Tumblr, best known for its easy-to-build microblogs with built-in social sharing, has released its own iPhone and iPad app, Photoset. The free download lets users create photosets by uploading images available on their device or by taking new images using the in-app camera. A quick tap and drag allows control over the design of the set. With the tap of the Upload button, a web link is generated for sharing via email or social networks.

Android users also saw photo sharing solutions this week in the form of Dropbox's lastest update for its Android app released yesterday, which includes a new photos gallery feature that lets you browse your uploaded images in a more visual display similar to the Android Gallery app.

Images and videos are organized by upload date, and can be further divided into folders for sharing. The option is not yet available on the Dropbox app for iOS users.