Cascable, the iPhone app for remote-controlling DSLRs and mirrorless system cameras, has released a major update. Version 3.0 comes with support for many newer cameras and, for the first time, also works with models from Fuji and Panasonic. You can find a full compatibility list on the Cascable website.

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The app added a lot more than support for new cameras, though; in particular, the update also includes a new set of geotagging tools. Geotagged images can be viewed on a map and you can tag manually by selecting one or more images and drag-and-dropping them onto the map. If that seems too onerous, automatic tagging is available as well—the app records your location history while you're out shooting and then syncs your images in a second step.

Additionally, a number of improvements have been made to existing features. For example, a “Zebra Stripes” overlay on the viewfinder image helps detect clipping, with Nikon and Canon cameras you can now zoom the preview image and, when editing in the Quick Proof editor, you can now flip and rotate images.

Finally, Cascable has also announced a switch to a more frequent update schedule, scrapping its "feature pack" pricing model. Instead users can now pick between the free Cascable or the Cascable Pro version which is $30 as a one-off purchase or $3 per month as a subscription.

More information is available on the Cascable blog, and you can download the app from the Apple App Store.