Oppo has announced (translated) it’s latest camera technology, a next-generation periscope zoom camera that features improved optics, a new sensor and updated image processing algorithms.

The new camera module features an 85mm to 135mm full-frame-equivalent focal length with an aperture range of F3.3 through F4.4. To achieve this, the module uses seven elements in three groups with the two rear-most groups being the ones that move for zooming and focusing.

In addition to new optics, the camera module uses a new 32MP quad-bayer-like sensor. Both the movement of the lenses and image processing will be powered by the custom-designed 16-bit image processing chip inside the module.

Sample images from the new camera module captured with the wide angle (left), equivalent 85mm focal length (center) and equivalent 135mm focal length (right).

If we’re to assume this would be used in a smartphone with a 26mm main camera — such as the Oppo Reno 10x zoom — this new camera would offer a 3.3x to 5.2x optical zoom and presumably feature the same ‘hybrid zoom’ up to 10.4x. Even though the multiplication factor is roughly the same as that found on the Reno 10x zoom, Oppo says its new hybrid zoom technology improves image quality, as can be seen in these example images (older ‘hybrid zoom’ images on the left, new technology on the right):

There’s no mention of when we could see this new camera tech, nor what phone it might be in, but as noted by GSM Arena, details of a forthcoming Oppo phone believed to be the Reno 10x zoom successor were revealed last month.