It appears Huawei hasn't learned its lesson. Two years after the Chinese smartphone manufacturer was busted for trying to pass off a DSLR image as a photograph captured with its P9 smartphone, it's under scrutiny yet again.

Huawei is now taking heat over a recent advertisement for its Nova 3 and 3i smartphones, wherein Huawei insinuates certain photos were captured with a smartphone when a behind-the-scenes photo proves that's not the case.

The video, which is 30 seconds long, shows various scenes in which the subjects snap photos using various built-in camera features, including beauty, HDR and AI modes. Although the video never explicitly states the images were captured with a Huawei smartphone, it's very much implied that's the case.

A critical eye would instantly realize the images weren't captured with the phone. But for the sake of empirical evidence, we'll reference the above image uploaded to Instagram (and subsequently deleted) by Sarah Elshamy, the actress in the ad. In the behind-the-scenes still, pictured above, it's clear the main actor was holding his hand out to make it appear as though he's holding a phone, when in reality the scene was being shot with a Canon DSLR.

Again, Huawei never specifically mentions what the ad was shot with, leaving a bit of room for leniency. But it's misleading at best, and downright false advertising at worst. We've reached out to Huawei for an official comment and will update this article accordingly if we hear back.