In November 2017 we reported that Israel-based company Corephotonics—which is best known for its smartphone dual-camera systems—had filed a patent infringement case against Apple in federal court.

The company claimed that Apple had used Corephotonics' dual-camera zoom technology in the iPhone 7 Plus without any authorization or licensing agreement. Previously Corephotonics had demoed its technology to Apple and received positive feedback. However, the iPhone makers refused a licensing deal, suggesting Corephotonics patents could be infringed with little consequence.

A second lawsuit has now been filed to also include the newer iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models. In addition it covers another patent that was only granted in January 2018, as Patently Apple reports. This makes the claim slightly confusing as both the iPhone 8 Plus and X were developed and released earlier than the patent was granted.

Things are made even more complicated by the fact that Corephotonics investors include Foxconn and chipmaker MediaTek, both of which are Apple suppliers. We'll make sure to keep an eye on things and see how this case develops.