On September 1, Canon Australia announced that it will be closing its online direct to consumer marketplace, Canon Store, for the 'foreseeable future.' The store will close starting on September 30.

Canon Australia has determined that current Australian market conditions and challenges demand a shift in how consumers access products, services and support. Of the decision to shutter the online store, which was launched in 2011, Canon Australia says '…we are proudly streamlining our efforts in supporting local retailers to drive competition in the local market and bring you the best value product offers, promotions, services and experiences possible.'

The Canon Store will stop taking product orders on September 30. For any backorders not scheduled to arrive before September 30, Canon will directly contact consumers to arrange for a refund or refer the customer to a local retailer.

Image credit: Canon Australia

Any Canon Store gift cards and vouchers can be applied to purchases and existing eligible offers until September 30. Beyond this date, customers are advised to contact Canon Australia. Promotion codes and discount offers are valid until September 30 as well. Canon Store codes will not be transferable to other retailers, so consumers with any questions about codes and offers should contact the Canon Store.

The closure of the Canon Store will not affect Canon Australia's 5-year local warranty for mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, video cameras and lenses. Canon Australia's warranty for purchases made at authorized Canon sellers will also be unaffected.

In addition to closing the Canon Store, Canon Australia will continue to organize hands-on product experiences, promotions and special events with local retailers. Canon Australia's statement ends as follows: 'We look forward to bringing you the best of our innovative products, services and imaging solutions in new ways and trust that you will benefit from our strengthened arrangement with local retailers.'

For Canon customers outside of Australia, it will be interesting to see if Canon Australia's decision is an outlier or a harbinger of what's to come for other Canon online retail presences around the world. Different regions face varying market conditions and challenges, so the impending closure of the online store in Australia may just be a one-off situation.

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