Hong Kong adapter manufacturer Megadap has released the world’s first autofocus adapter for mounting Leica M mount lenses on Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.

The adapter relies on a patented ‘circular extension structure’ that moves back and forth to adjust focus. Communication between the adapter and camera is done using the built-in contacts, which allows the adapter to make use of Nikon’s phase-detection autofocus system.

Megadap says the adapter currently supports Single-Shot AF (AF-S), Continuous AF (AF-C) and Servo AF (AF-F). Single Point AF, Wide Area AF (S/L) and Auto Area AF are all available to choose from. The adapter includes a Micro USB port that allows for firmware updates down the road.

Since this adapter moves the entire lens assembly back and forth, it’s also possible to stack other adapters on top of the M mount. Megadap specifically says EF, F, FD, PK, MD, OM, M42, LR and C/Y mount lenses should all work, but so long as you can find an M mount adapter, it should, in theory, be possible to use any lens you have.

The Megadap Leica M to Nikon Z autofocus adapter (MTZ11) is available to purchase on Megadap’s website for $350. A two-year warranty is included with your purchase.