Phase One has launched its new Latitude style series, the latest addition to the company's Capture One Style Packs product launched last year. The Latitude presets are offered in two different packs: Latitude | Deep Forest and Latitude | Sunbound. The new series was inspired by "some of the world’s greatest destinations," Phase One said in its announcement.

Both Latitude style packs contain eight presets, each with original, bright, and dark variations, for a total of 24 styles per pack. The "Sunbound" pack focuses on adding warmth to images, and the "Deep Forest" pack focuses on cold colors.

“The Styles are built to enhance curves, saturation and tonal adjustments," says Phase One Software VP Jan Hyldebrandt-Larsen,"without affecting key capture parameters such as exposure and white balance."

Each Latitude pack is priced at $39 USD, but a limited-time discount offers both together for $59 USD until July 27. Buyers must run Capture One version 10.1.2 or newer to install the style packs. The latest version of the software, Capture One 11, is offered through Phase One's online store for $180 USD (single-user license).

Via: Phase One