Chinese lighting manufacturer NanGuang has launched a new kit that consists of a pair of flexible LED light panels designed for studio or on-location still and video work. The two panels are effectively 30x60cm rubber mats with 288 embedded bi-color LEDs each, which can be adjusted to produce color temperatures anywhere between daylight and tungsten – 5600 to 3200K.

The mats can be bent to surround a still life subject or for a head shot to produce a wrap-around lighting effect, but they can also be mounted into supplied frames to behave like standard rigid panels. Diffuser sheets are supplied to soften the light and the panel brightness can be varied via a dimmer switch up to 3424lm when they are measured together. Panels can be powered by the supplied AC adapter or by an optional Sony V-mount or NP-F type battery. The company says the lights have a life of 50,000 hours and a CRI of 95.

The kit, including two stands, two panels a case and accessories, costs £679.98/$650. For more information about NanGuang you can visit the company website, but for information about the Flexible LED Light Panel Kit CNST288CX2 visit UK distributor Kenro.

Press Release


Kenro Ltd, the specialist photo & video distributor for the UK and Ireland, has introduced an amazing new flexible lighting kit quite unlike any photo / video lighting system you’ve seen before.

NanGuang’s new Flexible LED Light Panel Kit (CNST288CX2) includes a set of two 30 x 60cm LED light panels that can be bent and shaped around the subject to offer unique lighting effects.

Also, should conventional flat panel lighting be required, they easily attach to a choice of two frames – a square one measuring 60 x 60cm, and a rectangular one measuring 30 x 120cm. This makes for a very adaptable, lightweight and portable lighting system that can be operated via 240V AC mains or Sony V-mount and NP-F batteries. Each frame has a matching fabric diffusor for extra soft lighting.

Each of the panels is 2mm thick, water and frost resistant, and contains 288 bi-colour LEDs (CRI 95) with stepless colour adjustment from 3200-5600K.

When used off the frames, the lightweight panels can be bent and shaped as desired, making them ideal for location photography, either indoors or out in a variety of environmental conditions.

Per panel, power is 28.2 Watts, with stepless dimmer adjustment, illumination 3424 LM. Average LED life: 50,000 hours. CRI 95.

The kit consists of two LED light panels, controllers and frames, as well as a lighting stand, square and rectangular diffusers, and a sturdy carry case. SRP is £679.98 including VAT.

Says Paul Kench, Kenro's managing director: “Occasionally a new product comes along that stops you in your tracks and starts to make you think about uses you’ve never thought of before. These new flexible LED light panels are incredibly versatile – it’s very exciting to see the creative uses that photographers are coming up with for this new type of lighting.”

All quoted prices are SRP guide, including VAT.

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